To transfer a .uk domain name

Follow these 8 easy steps after you have ordered your web hosting plan…

1. Make a full backup of your website and download a copy of all emails from your current provider.
2. Change the name servers for your domain name to:

NS1: (
NS2: (

Once you have updated the name servers, please allow from 2 – 72 hours for the changes to take effect.

3. While the name server changes are taking effect, you can upload your website to your new web hosting plan using the details provide within your welcome email.
4. FTP details during the transfer – please make sure you have unlocked the FTP account (on the right hand side on the web hosting console)
5. You will also need to use the IP Address supplied next to the Host Address details as ftp.(yourdomainname) will only work once the changes to your name server have taken effect
6. You can also create any email (mailboxes) ready for when the name server change takes effect
7. Once all these stages have been completed and your domain name is now active on our servers you can proceed to the final step
8. You will need to request a TAG change for your domain name to: EXTEND with your current domain registrar. This will move the domain name billing from your old provider to ourselves. All future renewals for your domain name and hosting will be sent from our system – 60, 30, 14, 7 and 1 day prior to the expiry date.

Please note: it is very important that you make sure that all contact details, especially your email address is always current as our system sends our automated renewals and we are not responsible for tracking the changes to your account.

To transfer a .com domain name

Follow these 4 easy steps after you have ordered your web hosting plan…

1. Remove the domain lock or ask your current ISP to do this for you if do not supply you with domain managemet access
2. Update all email contact for your domain name to your email address or [email protected]
3. Send us a copy of the Auth-Code for the domain name

Once we have received these details we will be able to request the domain transfer from your current ISP. Please allow for 2-5 days for the transfer to complete the transfer process.
Please note: When transferring a .com domain name you will be required by the registry to add a minimum of 1 year to the registration period as a kind of transfer fee. This is standard with all .com transfers.

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