Is a cheap web host a good web host?

Finding a good host for your website is hard these days with so many service providers competing for your business. Don’t let too cheap a price fool you! We all run offers, like are own 35% off all new web hosting orders, great! A good web hosting service for a little less!

Beware of hosts offering huge discounts to lure you in, they maybe hiding a poor customer support service, offering you an unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space plan only to throttle your website back when it starts to see decent traffic. If you think about it, how can they possibly do this, offer you unlimited server resources for such a small fee. We do not beleive any hosts resources are truely limitless and the cost of offering this at such cheap price doesn’t make for a quality, honest service.

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Here at Buzme Internet we prefer to be up front about such things.

Our unmetered service for both bandwidth and web space and what this actually means to you.

For packages supporting unmetered disk space or data transfer (bandwidth), we do not have defined limitations. These resources are “unmetered”, meaning you are not always billed according to the amount of disk space or bandwidth used unless you are on a custom built plan. While of course these resources are not infinite, we believe our customers should have all the resources necessary to build an online presence and 99.95% of customers will have more than enough disk space and bandwidth to meet their needs.

That said, we do require all customers to be fully compliant with our Terms of Service and utilize disk space and bandwidth in a manner consistent with the normal operation of a website.

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