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Are you looking to transfer a Domain Name(s) to Buzme Internet? Please read the following guide:

Transfer Quick List
The following list of registrars have been added for your convenience. Here you will find a list of specific instructions for each company to help speed up your transfer to Buzme Internet:

123 Reg
Daily Internet

If your current registrar is not listed above, further assistance is available below or by contacting our Customer Support Team through a support ticket from your Buzme admin area. if you do not already have an account with us, you can create an account here.

Please note: You do not need to transfer a domain name in order to have a Hosting Plan with Buzme Internet. Should you wish to leave the domain name with your existing domain provider, simply change the domain name’s name server details to:

Primary Name Server:
Secondary Name Server:

Before making any changes to your domain name, make sure you have a full backup of the website. Please allow 2-24 hours for the name server change to take effect.

Transferring a .UK Domain

To transfer to Buzme Internet, simply contact your current ISP/Registrar and request that they change the IPS-TAG to: EXTEND

Once the TAG has been changed, please send a confirmation email to [email protected] or raise a support ticket from your admin area.  We will complete the transfer and update your account accordingly. By changing the IPS-TAG, Buzme Internet will be responsible for billing you for any outstanding and ongoing registration fees and related services e.g. Web Hosting or add-on services.

!IMPORTANT! Before making any changes to your domain name we recommend you backup your website from your current hosting account and download all domain related emails.

Transferring of a TLD Domain

To transfer a .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz to Buzme Internet, you will need to make sure that the admin, technical and billing contacts for the domain(s) email addresses are correct and that the relevant person(s) have been notified and will accept to transfer to Buzme Internet.

You will need to request that the Registrar-Lock is removed if you not able to do this yourself. You will also need to send Buzme Internet, the Auth-Code for the domain name in order for the transfer process to begin. Once this has been done, please notify our Support team, who will action the Transfer Request by raising a support ticket from your Buzme Internet account admin area.

Alternatively, you can request that your current ISP/Registrar simply changes the Primary and Secondary Name Servers. This would leave your current ISP/Registrar in charge of the billing. Once the name servers have been changed all related services will be billed for by Buzme Internet e.g. Web Hosting or additional add-on services.

Terms & Conditions of Transfer

We will accept a transfer from any Registry, however we will not accept any of an adult-only, illegal or misleading nature.

However, we do not charge to transfer to Buzme Internet, .uk domains only have to be renewed during the transfer process if there are 90 days or less left of the current registration period. All other domain names are required by the registry to have a minimum of 12 months added to the Registration period during the transfer process. Our standard prices apply in all cases.

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Support team by raising a support ticket.


Transfer .uk Guide
To transfer away from Buzme Internet, the currentt registrant will need to email us from the registered email address on their account, a request to transfer. On receipt of the Domain Transfer Request, Falcoda Internet will change the IPS TAG immediately. It will take approximately 24 hours for the transfer to be completed.

By changing the IPS-TAG, Buzme Internet will no longer be responsible for billing. This does not stop other services until the name servers have also been changed.

Transfer gTLD Guide
To transfer a .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz away Buzme Internet, the currentt registrant will need to email us from the registered email address on their account, a request to transfer. Buzme Internet will update the Domain details so that you can submit a Transfer Request from your NEW ISP/Registrar.

Please Note: If there are any outstanding invoice for the related account, these must be paid for in full before Buzme Internet will accept any Transfer Requests. For further assistance, please contact our Customer Support by raising a support ticket.

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